“Buckhorn Cholla” Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa

Beautiful golden flowers with red anthers. Flowers fade to more coppery color as they age. Plant can attain 3-6′ tall and becomes shrubby with multiple jointed, cylindrical stems. Fruits start green becoming yellow and completely dry at maturity. Zone 6-9

“Cane Cholla” Cylindropuntia imbricata ssp. spinosior

Tall shrub or tree-like in appearance. Segments are covered in short white spines. Flowers of magenta and appear waxy in sunlight. When ripe, fruit will appear bright yellow. Grows up to 7000′ in elevation. Zone 5-8

“Colorado” Cylindropuntia imbricata

Colorado tree cholla is the most iconic found in Colorado. Typically reaching a height of 4′ and producing beautiful dark pink blossoms. Fruit, when ripe, turns bright yellow. zone 5-7

“Diamond Cholla” Cylindropuntia ramosissima

Small shrubby bush with many jointed thin stem segments reaching 2-4′ in height. The pattern on the stem display the distinctive diamond shape giving it its name. Spines are long and golden. Flowers are dusty pink with reddish centers. Dry fruit resemble burrs with white spines. Zone 6-9

“Durango” Cylindropuntia imbricata ssp spinitecta

This Colorado tree cholla forms a shorter shrub over time up to 3′ in height. Thick stalks are heavily spined and produce vivid magenta flowers. Does droop stem segments in winter but stays green. Yellow fruit when mature. Originally from southern Colorado. Zone 5-7

“Golden Cholla” Cylindropuntia echinocarpa

Golden tinged spines nearly obscure stems. Thick stalked and rapid growth make this a particularly beautiful specimen in the garden. Abundant nearly 2″ flowers open more greenish-yellow with red edges fading more golden yellow as they age. Originally from high elevation in Nevada. Zone 5-7

“Green Flower Whipple” Cylindropuntia whipplei

The most green flowers I’ve seen on a Whipple’s Cholla. Smaller plant with long white spines. Overall plant height of less than 3′ tall. Originally from extreme northern Arizona. Zone 5-7

“Pencil Cholla” Opuntia kleiniae

Shrubby growth habit upwards of 5′ makes quite a large bush. Thin dark green stem segments stay upright and green during winter months. Miniature rose-pink flowers become prolific on larger plants. Fruit matures when reddish in color. Zone 5-7

“Pink Passion” Cylindropuntia imbricata

Bright 2″ pink blossoms erupt abundantly on this beauty. Thick stalks grow rapidly to form a rather large shrub up to 3′ in height. Yellow fruit in the fall. Zone 5-7

“Santa Fe Cholla” Cylindropuntia imbricata v. viridiflora

Densely branched shrub with brilliant light peachy-orange flowers. Originates specifically in Santa Fe Co., NM. Rapid growth to 3′ in height. Zone 5-8

“Sherry” Cylindropuntia Imbricata

Extra thick stalked sporting rich magenta-crimson flowers which appear waxy. Prolific bloomer. Fruits, when mature, will be yellow. Can reach upwards of 6′ tall. Originally from the Santa Rita mountains in southern Arizona. Zone 5-8

“Silver Fox” Cylindropuntia echinocarpa

Gorgeous long white spines making it appear as a tail on a fox make this a crowd pleaser in the garden. Brilliant yellow flowers are plentiful in the summer. Stem segments will droop somewhat in winter. Zone 5-8

“Smith Rock Tree Cholla” Cylindropuntia imbricata

Tall growing to 6′ in height. Extra thick dark green stalk produces prolific lighter magenta flowers. Fruit ripens to a bright yellow . Originally from high elevation in Nevada. Parent plant has been growing successfully for over 40 years here in Central Oregon. Zone 5-7

“Whipple NM Cholla” Cylindropuntia whipplei

Absolutely beautiful shrub for the garden with its white glimmering spines. Vibrant yellow blossoms followed by yellow fruit in the fall. Stalks will turn purple in the winter months along with some segment droopiness. Originally from northern New Mexico. Zone 5-8

“Yavapai White” Cylindropuntia whipplei

Densely branched low to medium buses. Defined shorter white spines with yellow-green flowers. Fruits appear green eventually turning yellow in second year if not removed. Originally from Yavapai Co., Arizona Zone 5-8