Prickly Pear Pink & Red Flowers

“Babylon” Opuntia polyacantha

Heavily ridged spines pads almost completely obscure the pad itself. Bright magenta flowers. Lays down slightly in winter. Spiny dry fruit. Washington Co Utah Zone 5-7

“Big Red” Opuntia polyacantha v. rhodantha

Short uniform white spines on small pads form broad clumps sporting extra-large reddish-pink flowers. Dry spiny fruit. Lincoln Co Idaho Zone 5-7

“Champagne Pink” Opuntia polyacantha hybrid

Soft pink to coral flowers with yellow centers bring on different appearances in varying light. Heavy white spines on medium green pads. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-7

“Coombe’s Winter Glow” Opuntia aurea X basilaris hybrid

Large plump padded Beavertail hybrid. Large 3″ vibrant pink blooms. Pads turn a mix of purple and green during the winter months. Dry fruit. Zone 5-7

“Cotton Candy” Opuntia phaeacantha v. camanchaca

Extra plump green pads with stiff white spines. Large 3″ cotton candy pink flowers. Stays upright during winter months. Attractive pollinator. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-7

“Dark Knight” Opuntia polyacantha v. rhodantha

Loads of brilliant fuchsia flowers on dark green pads. Pads become royal purple during winter months making it an attractive plant in the winter garden. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 4-7

“Gene’s Dark Pink” Opuntia polyacantha v. polyacantha (Plains Prickly Pear)

Intense dark pink variety of a Plains Prickly Pear. Long white spines growing more upright in sheltered areas. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 4-7

“Hot Lips” Opuntia phaeacantha hybrid

Beautiful prolific pink flowers on rich green pads that sport short white spines on pads’ edges. With extra watering during the summer, will continue to bloom through August. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-7

“In the Pink” Opuntia phaeacantha v. hystricina hybrid

Densely spreading plant. Deep fuchsia flowers in early summer with the flush lasting several weeks. Dry spiny fruit. Stays upright all year. Zone 5-7

“Kaibab Pink” Opuntia phaeacantha X “Kaibab Pink”

Intermediate hybrid form with extra large pads and pinkish red flowers. Lays down in winter. Large red fruits. Zone 6-9

“Kaibab Red” Opuntia phaeacantha X “Kaibab Red”

Extra large pads with long white spines produce 4″ red flowers. Lays down in winter. Large red fruits. Coconino Co AZ Zone 6-9

“Mojave Mammoth” Opuntia basilaris v. basilaris

Leave plenty of room for this beauty! Extra large green blue-green pads emerge from a central trunk. Pads erupt in neon pink blooms. Plant will completely lay flat during winter moths. Dry fruit. Zone 5-8

“Nevada Blue” Opuntia basilaris

Brilliant neon pink flowers on powder blue pads command attention. Plant will lay down in winter with pads remaining relatively plump. Zone 5-8

“Pinkalicious” Opuntia basilaris

This beavertail variety “chains” or spreads along the ground with new growth. Abundant large luscious 3″ pink blooms. Lays down in winter. Zone 5-7

“Pink Ruffles”

Beautiful powder green pads with long white spines on the top edges of mature pads. Large nearly 4″ brilliant pink flowers with ruffled edges. Lays down in winter. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-8

“Pretty in Pink” Opuntia fragilis

Also known as Brittle Cactus, this compact plant has small potato-shaped pads that break off easily. This rare flower color comes form high elevations in Colorado. Pads may turn reddish-purple in winter. Great plant for rock gardens or pottery. Zone 4-6

“Red Prince” Opuntia polyacantha v. rhodantha

Big reddish-pink flowers with yellow centers. Long white spines set off the dark green pads. Prolific bloomer and fast grower. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-7

“Royal Flush” Opuntia polyacantha v. rhodantha

Abundant extra large 4″ purplish-pink flowers on plump green pads . Flowers are multi-layered & last 2-3 days before closing. Fast grower. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-7

“Sedona Sunset” Opuntia polyacantha v. rhodantha

Coral-red hues with a hint of pink accents make this a particularly beautiful plant reminiscent of the red rock formations around Sedona. Plump dark green pads and robust growth. Zone 5-8

“Smith Rock Sunrise” Opuntia polyacantha v. rhodantha

Striking multi-layered flowers with yellow centers set on rich green elongated pads make this plant a favorite in the garden. Pollinator magnate. Dry spiny fruit. Plant lays down in winter months. Zone 5-8

“Snake River Rose” Polyacantha X utahensis

Broad spreading mats of low thick pads with long white spines produce vivid waxy pink flowers with just a hint of orange. Dry spiny fruit. Elmore, Co. Idaho Zone 5-7

“Taylor’s Red” Opuntia polyacantha hybrid

The reddest prickly pear I’ve seen. Uniformly cloaked in 1 inch long spines. Tomato-red flowers in June. From Cheyenne Wells, Colorado. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-7

Teec Nos Pos Opuntia phaeacantha

Hot pink flowers with pointed petal edges make this an attractive plant in the garden. Spines are reddish turning more dark as they age on mature pads. Originally from the Four Corners area. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-7

“Virgin River Rainbow” Opuntia aurea hybrid

Extra large plump green pads show off flowers of bright pink with hues of orange, red, & yellow. Lays down in winter. Dry fruit. Washington Co, Utah Zone 5-7

“Woolly Mammoth” Opuntia nicholii X hystricina

White shaggy, rigid, pure white spines nearly obscure extra-large plump pads. Large 5″ pink flowers. Dry spiny fruit. Originally from Kane, Co, Utah Zone 5-8