Prickly Pear Yellow & Orange Flowers

“Afternoon Delight” Opuntia polyacantha X rhodantha

Brilliant yellow flowers on smaller green pads. Spreads robustly. Dry spiny fruit. Lays down in winter. Zone 5-7

“Apricot Dreams” Opuntia columbiana

Small dark elongated pads produce dense mats. Flowers open bright yellow fading to deep apricot . Dry spiny fruit. Owyhee Co. Zone 5-7

“Black Spine” Opuntia macrocentra

Long 4-6 inch long spines with black tips adorn powering blue pads. Stunning yellow flowers with crimson centers. More upright growth pattern. Lays down in winter. Zone 6-8

“Bumblebee Giant” Opuntia phaeacantha

Extra-large pads with more upright growth pattern. Large 4′ yellow flowers with orangish centers. Vigorous grower. Beautiful large red fruit. Zone 5-7

“Butterscotch” Opuntia engelmannii hybrid

Yellow flowers open quickly turning dark butterscotch color measuring 4″ wide. White spines set off bright green pads. Red fruit. Zone 5-7

“Citrus Punch” Opuntia polyacantha

Rich copper flower on heavily spined pads make this a show stopper in the garden. Dry spiny fruit. Originally from Two Buttes in southeast Colorado. Lays down in winter. Zone 4-7

“Coral Surprise” Opuntia polyacantha hybrid

Beautiful plant with a more upright growth habit. Dramatic coral blooms turn pink as the flower ages. Dry spiny fruit. Lays down slightly in winter. Zone 5-7

“Eastern Prickly Pear” Opuntia humifusa

Fast growing & spreading groundcover cactus that is native to eastern North America and southern Canada. Flowers are showy yellow sometimes having orangish centers. Once blooming, will continue to bloom most all summer. Red fruit. Tolerant of heat, humidity, and extra water as well as cold. Goes completely flat in winter. Zone 3-6

“Golden Honey” Opuntia toumeyi

Leave extra room for this beauty! Blue-green big, plump pads with bi-color rigid spines. 3″ flowers open yellow turning more amber and fading into rich orange. Red fruit. More upright growth pattern. Lays down in winter. Zone 5-7

“Golden Sunshine” Opuntia phaeacantha X engelmannii

Large ovate pads with short bright white downward pointing spines. 3″ flowers are sunny yellow with lightly orange hued centers. Red fruit. Quick grower and spreads readily. Lays down in winter. Zone 5-7

“Grizz” Opuntia erinacea

Long hair-like spines on mature pads give this cactus it’s name. This Grizzly Bear cactus produces brilliant yellow flowers eventually fading to orange before they close. Prolific bloomer. Dry spiny fruit. This plant originally found in high elevations in Nevada. Zone 5-8

“Hairy Bear” Opuntia polyacantha v. erinacea

Another Grizzly Bear variety with upright growth pattern. Ovate pads covered in white hair-like spines shimmer all year long. Yellow almost translucent flowers are prolific during blooming season. Dry spiny fruit. Lays down somewhat in winter. Zone 5-7

“Kanab Blue” Opuntia aurea

Beautiful plump bluish pads sport bright yellow flowers fading to more golden tones. Plants are oppotunistic with favorable moister can put on additional growth after spring growth has matured along with another flush of flowers later in summer. Lays down in winter. From Kanab Utah. Zone 5-8

“Kanab Gold” Opuntia aurea

Beautiful aquamarine pads set off the vivid yellow flowers. Prolific bloomer and grower. Lays down in winter. Dry fruit. Originally from Kanab Utah. Zone 5-8

“Kanab Tulip” Opuntia phaeacantha

Beautiful golden yellow flowers with orange throat centers on extra-large green pads with long white spines. Leave plenty of space as this plant spreads readily. Red fruit. From Kanab Utah region. Zone 5-8

“Lemon Chiffon” Opuntia polyacantha (Plains Prickly Pear)

Low spreading plant forming large mats. Robust and hardy grower. Blooms yellow fading to golden. Dry spiny fruit. Stays attractive year long. Plains prickly pear. Zone 4-7

“Lime Sherbet” Opuntia polyacantha

Beautiful spine pattern on a robust growing plant. Flowers take on a pale lime color when first opening becoming more yellow with age. Dry spiny fruit. Plains prickly pear. Zone 4-7

“Mesa Sky” Opuntia phaeacantha

Striking yellow flowers with red streaked throats on blue-green pads make this a very popular plant. Spines are reddish-brown. Leave room for this one as it rapidly grows. Lays down in winter. Zone 5-7

“Mesa Verde Gold” Opuntia polyacantha X hystricina

Gorgeous yellow flowers that fade to gold as they age. Long white spines on more mature pads. Spreads rapidly. Dry spiny fruit. Originally from southwestern Colorado. Zone 4-6

“Missouri” Opuntia compressa

Small green pads on a relatively small plant. Yellow flowers have orange blaze in the center. Red fruit. Lays down in winter & pads will turn red. Tolerant of extra water. Grows naturally in the plains of Missouri. Zone 4-8

“Oklahoma Pancake” Opuntia gilvescens

Large green pads are nearly spherical & up to 8′ across. Single yellow flowers followed by red fruit. Lays down in winter. Leave plenty of space as it grows rapidly. From Oklahoma. Zone 5-7

“Oregon Prickly Pear” Opuntia fragilis

Small pads but prolific growth. Also known as Brittle Prickly Pear, pads detach easily to form new plants. Great for containers or rock gardens. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 4-6

“Peach Blush” Opuntia diploursina

Stunning hair-like golden spines nearly obscure the pads on this beauty. Spines become very long on older pads and may begin to curl. Golden flowers have a soft peach finish. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-8

“Peach King” Opuntia aurea X basilaris

Large thick pads and big 3.5″ peach blooms with yellow centers. Leave plenty of space for this one! Lays down in winter. Dry fruit. Zone 5-7

“Razzle Dazzle” Opuntia polyacantha v. rhodantha

Green pads with long white spines show off yellow flowers that turn deep orange as they age. Red fruit. Lays down in winter. Zone 5-7

“Red Embers” Opuntia polyacantha (Plains Prickly Pear)

Low growing forming large mats. Stunning yellow flowers with red anthers. Flowers age into a deep golden yellow. Plains Prickly Pear. Will lay down slightly in winter. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 4-7

“Route 66 Yellow” Opuntia polyacantha

Vivid yellow flowers atop smaller green pads. Long hair-like white spines on mature pads. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 4-8

“Sedona Sunshine” Opuntia phaeacantha X macrorhiza

Large bluish-green pads with long white spines. Golden yellow flowers with slight orange centers. Red fruit. Stays upright during winter months. Originally found in the Sedona area. Zone 5-8

“Snowball” Opuntia polyacantha v. rhodantha

Large 4″ creamy white flowers with pale yellow centers on thick medium green pads. Spines tend to be present only on top edges of pads. Plant spreads readily so leave room! Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-7

“Stonehedge” Opuntia polyacantha X rhodantha

Heavily spined pads sport yellow flowers that turn coppery-orange over 2 days time. Lays down in winter. Dry spiny fruit. Originally found at a homestead property in Redmond, Oregon. Zone 5-7

“Sunset” Opuntia phaeacantha

Showy orange flowers with dark orange striped throats. Short uniform white spines on medium green elongated pads. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-7

“Tequila Sunrise” Opuntia polyacantha v. polyacantha

Vibrant yellow flowers with orange anthers turn more golden as they age. Pads are nearly aquamarine in color. Lays down flat in winter with pads turning more purple. Dry spiny fruit. Zone 5-7